geomax_title_logoIt is no secret that Geometry is a difficult learning area and that teachers face many challenges in engaging their learners on the content. Geomax helps teachers to overcome these obstacles to learning by making Geometry exciting and enjoyable; in fact this is as much about fun as it is about learning!


Levels 1 – 10

Concepts and skills

Line segments, rays and parallel lines

Acute and obtuse angles

Parallel lines cut by a transversal


Levels 11 – 20

Concepts and skills

Definitions of triangles in terms of their sides and angles

Properties of congruent shapes: triangles

Transformations: reflection and rotation


Levels 21 – 30

Concepts and skills

Definitions of triangles in terms of their sides and angles continued


      Enlargements and reductions

Geomax is a game that covers core concepts in senior phase Geometry. The game is aimed at learners from Grade 7 to 12 and can be used to supplement content before or in between lessons and also as revision. Learners can play Geomax on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Concepts and skills

Whether you use Geomax to introduce Geometry content or as a revision exercise at the end of a learning section, the game will enhance and improve the way that your learners expand their mathematical knowledge.

Concepts covered in this particular game include:

Right angles                Acute angles                 Obtuse angles

right-angles                             acute-angles                         

Line Segments                Rays                           Parallel lines

line-segment                          ray                        parallel-lines

Have fun!

The aim is to collect geometric objects, complete puzzles and move through the level as fast as possible.

Learn about Geometry!

Players are introduced to core concepts in Geometry, all while having fun.

Develop critical learning abilities!

Players use problem solving and critical thinking to move through the levels.

Link Geometry to positive experiences!

Puzzles, hidden traps and raging enemies make learning Geometry a completely new experience


Geomax For Schools

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Geomax For Individual Learners

Geomax is available on the App Store for iOS, on Google Play for Android or for purchase at (for browser play on all devices).

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