Teacher Tools allow teachers to actively monitor learners’ progress on Papadi Games, as well as obtain deeper insights into how a game assists in learning. This brilliant tool provides immediate feedback on a learner’s progress and mastery of the game without the need for tedious and time-consuming marking.

Better yet, teachers do not need to be gamers themselves to effectively use Papadi Games; in fact, this platform is specifically designed to be as user-friendly for teachers as possible, while being exciting and fun for learners.

Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to easily monitor learner progress through the games. Your Teacher Dshboard can be customised to show information about time played per level, per game and even per learning outcome.

The Teacher Dashboard provides a holistic overview of progress by class(es) and also helps you keep track of individual learners.

The Teacher Dashboard connects game specific learning outcomes to the CAPS curriculum. This makes it easier to use the Teacher Dashboard in the classroom for revision, consolidation, homework or even as a reward.

Teacher Notes

Each game comes with comprehensive notes that allow you, the teacher, to gain a deeper understanding of the game and how it assists learners with certain learning outcomes – whether you play the game yourself or not!

The Teacher Notes also make clear the links between the CAPS curriculum and the learning outcomes of the game, as well as providing guidance on how to maximise your use of the game.

Teacher notes are available in two forms – both as an interactive tool while playing the game itself, as well as in screenshot form for static viewing.

Notes will take you through the game from the pupil’s perspective and highlight how certain aspects of it can be used to enhance their interest and learning; simply integrating the teacher’s expertise with the game’s effectiveness.