Quite often the biggest obstacle to learning in the classroom is engaging a learner on more challenging subjects such as mathematics or science. But breaking down these barriers to learning is possible through making the process enjoyable and fun.

With exciting and curriculum relevant educational games from Papadi, your learners can now have as much fun learning in the classroom as they do playing their favourite mobile games!

Improve Attitudes
Research has proven that games can facilitate and even foster a better attitude towards learning.
Increase Motivation
Games provide a balance of challenge and frustration, as well as success and failure within a safe environment.
Develop Metacognition
Importantly, games develop metacognition, which includes problem solving skills, critical thinking, innovation and perseverance.
Harness Technology
Change the way that learners absorb and engage more difficult learning areas by harnessing the power of gaming .

Engage to educate

 Papadi Games are equally fun and educational so that the benefits of gaming in the classroom are maximized. Learners won’t be able to tell the difference between a Papadi game and their favourite mobile game.

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An excellent supplementary tool to teaching, Papadi Games also provide teachers with critical and instant insights into teaching outcomes, without tedious marking or time-consuming assessments.

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