Gear up for a gaming revolution with Papadi Games! We’re unleashing a powerhouse of a mobile educational math game and Teacher Tools straight into schools and the hands of eager learners. Brace yourselves – these games are as thrilling and enjoyable as a kid’s all-time favorite mobile games! It’s education with a gaming twist!

Maths Challenges

The majority of children are struggling to pass maths. In South Africa, only 14% of students who enroll in school manage to pass Grade 12 mathematics with a mastery level of 30% or higher.

Maths support options are currently not widely accessible to the mass market in Southern Africa.

Alternative services are expensive
Tutoring can be financially out of reach, even for households with stable incomes.

Free content is not curated
While there is a plethora of free educational content available, many households struggle to locate suitable resources and tailor them to their children’s specific needs.

Students lack confidence
Students often feel uncertain about their ability to succeed in math. This lack of confidence can result in disengagement and a sense of hopelessness regarding their math proficiency.

Unreliable internet and expensive data

About Us

For Papadi Games, the world would be a better place if kids had real fun while learning. Always accessible and mind-bogglingly fun mobile gaming system that adapts to what each learner needs to learn, covering Grade 7 to 9 maths. All you need is an entry level smartphone. We are making maths a subject that learners want to take until matric – and beyond.

Smartphones become schools
Play to learn MATHS –  anywhere, anytime, on an entry level smartphone.

Unreliable internet? That’s OK.
Only a once-off internet connection needed. Play from anywhere – no internet needed.

Don’t worry about the data
Small downloads don’t use up mobile data. Or download when connected to wifi.

Harnessing the widespread use of smartphones, we aim to provide scalable and remote maths education that is engaging and effective through interactive games.

Equiped to
Play in a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
Use any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.
No internet needed after download.
Real games that make learning fun.
Develop essential skills such as problem solving.

Functional Benefits:
•Play to learn
•Curriculum relevant educational games
•Problem solving
•Harness mobile tech
•Supplementary teaching tool
•Academic challenge  

Emotional Benefits:
•Engagement with maths
•A willingness to learn Hope / Inspiration


This is
For kids
Who think learning is boring and maths is difficult
Papadi Games are digital games
That are equally fun and educational
Unlike a maths textbook
Papadi Games engage and motivate kids to learn maths

Improvement in Geometry
61% of students showed improvement in marks
48% of students improved their confidence in geometry.
Research conducted in low and no fee schools.

For Teachers
The dashboard guides teachers on content integration into classroom instruction, while also tracking each learner’s progress and educational path.


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